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Songs from the TV Show The Blacklist:
Episode 22 “Berlin: Conclusion” s01e22
Just Breathe – Pearl Jam
Liz takes a last look around her house before leaving; Ressler sits beside Cooper’s bedside; Berlin shaves after escaping from the hospital; Liz informs Red that Tom told her that her father is alive.

Episode 21 “Berlin” s01e21
Soothe My Soul (Joris Delacroix Remix) – Depeche Mode
Played song during the opening. The FBI search through Liz’s house; Liz is questioned about Tom; Tom catches the guy Red sent to spy on him.
Anonymity Is The New Flame – Frankel
Liz looks through cases files and then starts to make connections between all the Blacklist files. Agent keen was putting all the files together in the floor of her home

Episode 20 “The Kingmaker” s01e20
Sweetheart, What Have You Done to Us – Keaton Henson
End of the episode. Liz tells Red she’s done with him, she then returns home and begin to break down in tears, she then removes her wedding rings; Red drinks alone; Liz goes to Ressler’s apartment.

Episode 19 “The Pavlovich Brothers” s01e19
Change of Time – Josh Ritter
Tom tells Liz goodbye; Cooper asks Ressler why Liz was absent from work; Liz is informed by Red that his people are still following Tom.

Episode 18 “Milton Bobbit” s01e18
I’m Sorry, But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face – Eagle Seagull
Tom asks Liz to renew their vows; Liz searches through Tom’s belongings.
Can’t Pretend – Tom Odell
Liz adds information to her whiteboard; Harold asks Red about his intentions toward The Undertakers; Liz tells Red she can’t keep pretending with Tom; Liz and Tom lie to each other about Craig.
Keep in the Dark – Temples
The Undertaker gathers mushrooms, then ingests them to get high.
Who Are You, Really? – Mikky Ekko
Liz puts together a whiteboard about Tom.

Episode 17 “Ivan” s01e17
Tempo Di Minuetto In the Style of Mozart – Leslie Howard
Red is playing the music box for Liz
Gordan Lightfood – Sundown
played at the end of the episode when Red shoots the old lady.

Episode 16 “Mako Tanida” s01e16
Cello Song – The Books Ft. Jose Gonzalez
Ressler finds a pregnancy test in Audrey’s belongings; ballerinas gossip about patron of their show; Red checks in with The Cowboy; Tom showers off blood when Liz joins him in the shower.
Swan Lake Op. 20 – Tchaikovsky
Red enjoys a ballet performance; Ressler receives a package from Red containing Tanida’s head; Liz & Tom kiss.
Jungle – Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors
Red throws a snowball in to the river; Jonica & Ressler head out to kill Tanida; Tom & Jolene knock out The Cowboy.

Episode 15 “The Judge” s01e15
I Never Forget – Giorgio Rosciglione
Tom & Jolene talk about their significant others and secret keeping.
Co-Education – Officers
Tom & Jolene make out before being interrupted, then she shows him to her room.
Slow Ass Jolene – DJ Good Little Buddy
Tom has a drink then heads to Jolene’s hotel room; Jolene is taken to her prison cell by the Judge.

Episode 14 “Madeline Pratt” s01e14
Six Pack – Steve Sidwell
Playing in the lounge where Red meets Madeline near the episode’s beginning.
Barcarole – Offenbach
Red & Liz arrive at the embassy.
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second – STRFKR
At The End Of The Episode When Donald Give Keen Madeline Pratt’s Case File…

Episode 13 “The Cyprus Agency” s01e13
Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot
TG1 special – Two Fingers
red takes Liz to the nicest narcotics dealer in the area.Russell. Techno song was playing as they entered the house.

Episode 12 “The Alchemist” s01e12
Doop-Doo-De-Doop (A Doodlin’ Song) – Blossom Dearie
played during the baby shower party
Everything Trying – Damien Jurado
end song
Warm Shadow (Bon Iver Cover) – Colin Stetson & Justin Vernon
The Alchemist first appear on screen with the blonde in the hotel room
Tiher Rabbi Yishmoel – Z. Kwartin
Red tells to Liz how The Alchemist change the victims’s DNA
Fly, Fly, Fly – Ms. Triniti
Jolene talk with Tom about Liz and the photo exhibition

Episode 11 “The Good Samaritan Killer” s01e11
Line of Fire – Junip
Red pouring ashes by the lake
The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash
Red traced down everyone who involved in his kidnap and killed them all.

Episode 10 “Anslo Garrick (2)” s01e10
Pendulum – Pearl Jam
End of the episode;Lizzy talks with Red

Episode 09 “Anslo Garrick (1)” s01e09

Episode 08 “General Ludd” s01e08
Welcome Home – Radical Face
Funeral scene, Red accessing the FBI database, and Liz + Red on the swings in the final scene
Somebody Sweet to Talk To – She & Him
Liz joins Tom in the shower

Episode 07 “Frederick Barnes” s01e07
Symphony No. 3, Op. 36, “Symfonia piesni zalosnych” (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs): I. Lento – Sostenuto tranquillo ma cantabile – Zofia Kilanowicz, Antoni Wit & Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
End of Episode
Out Like a Lion – Whitehorse
Playing in the background at Lizzie and Tom’s house at the beginning of the episode
I Awake – Sarah Blasko
Red and Lizzie leave the meeting at the warehouse, then Red prepares to leave for Cuba

Episode 06 “Gina Zanetakos” s01e06
Very Cruel – POLIÇA
Gina Zanetakos meets Nadeem Idris at Key Hotel.
Violent Games – POLIÇA
Beethoven 7th Symphony (2nd Movement) – The Digital Golem
background song that was classical played in the background of a Spader scene
Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix) – Two Fingers
Fight in the elevator. Dubstep track, when the suicide got faked

Episode 05 “The Courier” s01e05
Bump (Best Fwends Remix) – Spank Rock
Ressler goes undercover as The Courier to meet with Dechambou.
Set No Sun – UNKLE
Seth Nelson is dragged off by The Courier.
Wicked Game – Emika
End of episode

Episode 04 “The Stewmaker” s01e04
Up Past the Nursery – Suuns
Intro / beginning of show
Let Go (Breakdown) – Alice Russell
Redding goes to Hatti
Smile – Nat “King” Cole
Record played By Stewmaker
Made of Stone – Matt Corby
End of episode

Episode 03 “Wujing” s01e03
Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter
Opening scene when man is getting in SUV before it is shot up by people on motorcycles.
Bird 1 – Underworld
Scene when Tom is leaving in wheelchair with his friend and a team comes in to we assume bug the house.
Here with Me – Robot Koch
End of episode when Liz goes home (This song hasn’t been released yet)

Episode 02 “The Freelancer” s01e02
Citizens – Alice Russell
Right after he says, “perhaps there there is a third option.” (they are on a pier). He walks away buttoning his tux jacket.
Sinner Man – Nina Simone
Reddington and Elizabeth in montreal restaurant and Reddington escapes
Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones
Begining of the episode – reddington on the boat
Big Apple Boogaloo – Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Episode 01 “Pilot” s01e01
99 Problems – Hugo
At the end, while talking about the husband
State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) – Jim James
At the end, while finding the chest.
Ain’t That a Kick In the Head – Dean Martin
Reddington enjoying dinner in the hotel
Didn’t I – Darondo
Liz comes home to find 2 surprizes
Trio in E flat major, Op. 100 D 929: Andante con moto – Rubinstein Trio
Music playing in the hotel

For decades, ex-government agent Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader, “The Office,” “Boston Legal”) has been one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. Brokering shadowy deals for criminals across the globe, Red was known by many as “The Concierge of Crime.” Now, he’s mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an explosive offer: He will help catch a long-thought-dead terrorist, Ranko Zamani, under the condition that he speaks only to Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (Megan Boone, “Law & Order: Los Angeles”), an FBI profiler fresh out of Quantico. For Liz, it’s going to be one hell of a first day on the job.
What follows is a twisting series of events as the race to stop a terrorist begins. What are Red’s true intentions? Why has he chosen Liz, a woman with whom he seemingly has no connection? Does Liz have secrets of her own? Zamani is only the first of many on a list that Red has compiled over the years: a “blacklist” of politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists. He will help catch them all… with the caveat that Liz continues to work as his partner. Red will teach Liz to think like a criminal to “see the bigger picture” – whether she wants to or not.
Also starring are Diego Klattenhoff (“Homeland”), Harry Lennix (“Man of Steel”) and Ryan Eggold (“90210”). Jon Bokenkamp (“The Call,” “Taking Lives”), John Eisendrath (“Alias”), John Davis (“Predator,” “I, Robot,” “Chronicle”) and John Fox serve as executive producers. The pilot was directed by Joe Carnahan (“The A-Team,” “The Grey”). “The Blacklist” is a production of Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment. (NBC)
Cast: James Spader – Raymond “Red” Reddington, Megan Boone – Elizabeth “Liz” Keen, Diego Klattenhoff – Donald Ressler, Harry Lennix – Harold Cooper, Ryan Eggold – Tom Keen, Parminder Nagra – Meera Malik

The Blacklist Songs, list by episode



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