The Following Soundtrack List
Songs by episodes:

Episode 15 “Dead or Alive” s03e15
Runaway – AURORA
Montage as the FBI searches for Ryan & Theo; Annie watches the news feed and reports back to her boss; Max tells Mike that Ryan is gone, they embrace.
Rosemary – Deftones
Ryan watches Gwen, Mike & Max in Max’s hospital room.

Episode 14 “Dead or Alive” s03e14

Episode 13 “A Simple Trade” s03e13
Midnight, The Stars and You – Al Bowlly
A caretaker checks around a theatre when he hears music, he then follows the music to dressing room to find an alarm radio, he calls for the person responsible to it then turns off the alarm radio.

Episode 12 “The Edge” s03e12

Episode 11 “Demons” s03e11
Hid in the Little Things – Zander Hawley
End montage/end song (played throughout the last 4 minutes).
Love You in the Dark – Sombear
Theo & Penny arrive at the BDSM party, they begin to explore around the manor as search for Eliza.

Episode 10 “Evermore” s03e10
The Lovely People – Sabrosa Purr
At a bar, Ryan orders two shots of whiskey when Gwen calls, he ignores the call then sides the second drink down to “Joe” and they toast then Ryan orders another set of drinks.

Episode 09 “Kill the Messenger” s03e09
In Your Head – Hymn de Lune
Ryan arrives home and pours himself a drink but drops the glass when he hears Gwen; Ryan apologizes Gwen from other side of the bathroom door; Gwen cries over a pregnancy test; Joe makes a weapon.

Episode 08 “Flesh & Blood” s03e08
Bring the Weight Down – Fassine
Theo calls Ryan and tells him that he is the man that will take his future; Theo gets in car and leaves the town.

Episode 07 “The Hunt” s03e07
Can’t Help Yourself – The Blackwater Fever
Nick tells Ryan to get on board; Theo joins his wife and kids in bed; Ryan & Joe drink and talk over a game of pool, Joe tells him how no one truly understands him then Ryan abruptly wakes up.

Episode 06 “Reunion” s03e06
Get to the Gone – Static-X
(Flashback) Tod heads to bed when he hears music coming from other room in his house then goes to check it to find Carl1988 (bka as Theo) in the room.
Right Back Where We Started From – Maxine Nightingale
Theo dawns a the same clown masks as the night before and goes into a bank and begins shooting; (Repeats) Theo rides away from the murder scene.
David – Noah Gundersen
Ryan & Mike tell Duncan that Strauss is dead, he tells them about Strauss’ best student; Theo arrives home; Daisy hitchhikes; Mike apologizes to Max, Tom watches; Ryan asks Joe about the best student.

Episode 05 “A Hostile Witness” s03e05
Promise Land – Hannah Miller
A doctors tells Ryan & Gwen that Max will be fine, they hug then Ryan tells Gwen he knows what he has to do; Ryan goes to a prison, Ryan meets with Joe, who asks what took him so long.

Episode 04 “Home” s03e04

Episode 03 “Exposed” s03e03
A Drowning – How to Destroy Angels
Max confronts Mike about not making an appearance at Jeff’s funeral; Ryan & Gwen arrive back to Ryan’s apartment and he asks her to move in with him.

Episode 02 “Boxed In” s03e02
Red – The Acid
“Luke” threatens Kyle but Daisy manages to intervene; Ryan showers; (Flashback) Jeff & Ryan at the hospital, Ryan meets Gwen for the first time; Gwen comes into the shower and holds Ryan as he cries.
Healing Hands – Citizen Cope
Anna arrives home to a romantic setting, believing it’s of Jeff’s doing she search around the house for him after grabbing the wine from the counter, she finds lingerie then an empty shower.

Episode 01 “New Blood” s03e01
Hard to Handle – King Floyd
Gwen drags Ryan onto the dance floor and makes him dance.
These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding
Mike arrives at the wedding; Max introduces Mike to her boyfriend.
It’s Easier to Cry – The Shangri-Las
Mark makes himself and “Luke” breakfast, he questions “Luke” about the taste of the food.
Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn
Gina and Dawn marry.
Oats in the Water – Ben Howard
Ryan, Max & Mike arrive at the “Lily” tableau; Daisy packs to leave but Kyle convinces her to stay; Mike watches the examiners; Max drinks; Ryan looks at photo’s when Gwen arrives; “Luke” & Mark talk.
Soul Galore – Jackie Wilson
Background up tempo music played at the reception.

Mark makes himself and “Luke” breakfast, he questions “Luke” about the taste of the food.

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as retired FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who is called in to deal with serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), who he captured nine years ago. While Carroll is trapped in prison, he has spent the last nine years using the Internet to recruit an army of like-minded killers to carry out his objectives… and only Ryan can stop him.
Cast: Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent, recalled to assist the FBI once Joe Carroll escapes and his cult begins to develop
James Purefoy as Joe Carroll, a former professor turned serial killer and cult leader
Shawn Ashmore as Mike Weston, a young FBI agent who later becomes romantically involved with Ryan’s niece, Max
Jessica Stroup as Max Hardy (season 2-), niece of Ryan Hardy and a New York City Police Department detective
Natalie Zea as Claire Matthews, Joe Carroll’s ex-wife, who also had a relationship with Ryan Hardy
Valorie Curry as Emma Hill (seasons 1-2), a follower and romantic partner of Joe Carroll
Sam Underwood as Luke and Mark Gray (season 2-), Lily’s psychopathic twin sons

The Following Soundtrack Season 3


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