The Hunt Soundtrack
Music / Songs from the TV serie The Hunt:

Composer: Steven Price
Disc 1:
1. A Game of Strategy
2. Power vs Teamwork
3. The Cut Line Inconvenience
4. Fueled Up and Headed South
5. The Hungry Crocodile
6. Looking On at What Might Have Been
7. In the Grip of the Seasons
8. Melt Waters
9. All at Sea
10. Wolves and Hares
11. Miniature Gliders
12. Big Game on the Tundra
13. At First It’s a Game
14. A Sparrowhawk’s Tale
15. Buzzing Jays
16. Chimps vs Monkeys
17. The Army Ants

Disc 2:
1. The Blue Whale
2. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
3. Spinner Dolphin Superpod
4. The Deep
5. The Bait Ball
6. Nowehere to Hide
7. The Honey Badger
8. Building a Fortress
9. Lions and Buffalo
10. Red Hot Ants
11. Etosha Lions
12. Race Against Time
13. No Ordinary Octopus
14. Living on a Calorific Knife Edge
15. Sea Lions and Killer Whales
16. Wolves and Bears
17. Hunting Humpbacks
18. The Lions Theme

The Hunt Soundtrack List
Release info: Documentary | Release date: 11/13/2015 | Format: CD
Label: Sony Music


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