The Walking Dead Soundtrack – Songs by episode

Episode 16 – Conquer s05e16
Love and Mercy (Remastered) – Brian Wilson
The music the wolves use to lure the walkers back into the containers. Chris Hardwick says “all you need to catch walkers in a rave”

Episode 15 – Try s05e15
Somewhat Damaged – Nine Inch Nails
Deanna places in Aiden’s run mix into radio as Spencer & Reg listen; Carol cooks then writes a note; Sasha watches through her sniper scoop in the tower; Reg tells Deanna to turn off the music.

Episode 14 – Spend s05e14
Somewhat Damaged – Nine Inch Nails
Internet Friends – Knife Party
The mix in the van as they drive. & as Eugene lures walkers

Episode 04 – Slabtown s05e04
Be Gone Dull Cage – Kiev
Beth walking down the hallway with the doctor next to the gurney after waking up in the beginning of the episode.
You Better Run – Junior Kimbrough
Steve listens to a Junior Kimbrough record and eats guinea pig when Beth comes he, he offers her some. They talk and eat when Dawn appears with an emergency.
It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Blind Willie Johnson
Beth confronts Steve about the death of Trevitt, he tells her story of Peter and his betrayal then the truth.

Episode 03 – Four Walls and a Roof s05e03

Episode 02 – Strangers s05e02

Episode 01 – No Sanctuary s05e01

The Walking Dead – Season 5 trailer – “Together” and “Will For Survival”
The Troubles – U2 feat. Lykke Li

The Walking Dead – Season 5 trailer – Comic Con trailer
Brennisteinn – Sigur Rós

Watch the Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 Will For Surviva

The Walking Dead (Season 5) songs, by episode

Songs list from the TV Show The Walking Dead (Season 5)

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