The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack
Songs from the episodes:

Episode 20 “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You” s06e20
Ladies Night – Kool & The Gang
Elena & Bonnie start off Jo’s surprise bachelorette party by surprising her with a stripper at work.
Classic (feat. Powers) – The Knocks
Stefan calls Damon to talk about their mother; Enzo confronts Damon over his plan to take the vampirism cure.
Shine – Collective Soul
Kai calls the vampires to dinner.
Wolves – Dreamers
Alaric questions Damon about his choice to take the vampirism cure; Tyler arrives late to Alaric’s bachelor party; Enzo grabs a jelly-shot; Stefan leaves Caroline a message.
Better Together – Imaginary Future
Tyler offers to drive home a drunk Matt, then Matt responds to Tyler by criticizing Tyler’s work in the deputy training program.
Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays
Jo asks Elena about Damon’s ‘proposal’, then Bonnie suggest to Elena that she should take the cure.
All the Time – Team
At a bar, Stefan talks to Lily about grieving.
Fly (Acoustic) – Meadowlark
Jo rushes over to help a bleeding Bonnie; Damon & Elena discuss their favorite aspects of being a vampire, then he shows her an illusion of her old house; Elena accepts Damon’s proposal.
Moment Goes – The Young Wild
Jo, Elena & Bonnie chat over milkshakes and fried food; Bonnie interrogates Elena about the vampirism cure.
Family and Genus – Shakey Graves
Stefan confronts Lily about her lapse in control as a ripper.
Not News – The Danks
Damon, Stefan & Matt kidnap Alaric for his bachelor party.
Fruitopia – Brain Tan
Alaric finds Matt drinking outside, then Matt tells him he should take Jo, their baby and leave town.

Episode 19 “Because” s06e19
This World – Lena Fayre
Alaric & Jo try to convince Stefan to check on Caroline; Caroline looks at the police reports of the people she killed; Caroline tells Stefan she can’t deal with their relationship right now.
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Cary Brothers
Lily breaks down in Enzo’s arms; Damon tells Elena he’ll also take the vampirism cure with her.
Holding on to Hell – Gin Wigmore
Stefan takes Caroline to a B&B where he pretends his humanity is back; (Flashback) Stefan, Damon & Elena discuss the plan to get Caroline to turn her humanity back on.
Cocoon – Catfish and the Bottlemen
At The Grill Matt phones Bonnie when Lily arrives early for their lunch date. Bonnie tells him to tell Lily that she is running late. Enzo arrives.
Madman – Peter Cornell
In the toilets Matt changes his dressing and shirt.
Ready – Kodaline
At The Grill Lily orders some food.

Episode 18 “I Never Could Love Like That” s06e18
Teenage Heart – Team Spirit
Enzo knocks on the Salvatore door as Sarah questions him about whose house he’s taken her to.
Hit Me with Your Best Shot (feat. Candice Accola) – Vampire Diaries Cast
At Scull bar, Caroline performs karaoke as the patrons trying to study and begin to complain; (continues) Matt & Tyler arrive Stefan lets the complaining patron leave then he threatens them.
Karma (Hardline) – Jamie N Commons
While driving to the campus, Damon asks Lily to text Elena to let her know they’re coming then Lily asks him about the vampirism cure and why he hasn’t told Elena that he is in possession of it.
Pedestrian at Best – Courtney Barnett
Enzo awakens awakens to find that Sarah tied him up, then reveals that she knows all about him from Matt and that she should have never trusted him.
When You Sleep – Mary Lambert
Elena tells Damon she wants to throw Jo a baby shower then tells him that she briefly felt jealous of her pregnancy and regret that she would never be able to have a baby herself.
Set Me on Fire – Flyleaf
Enzo tells Sarah her interests were affected due circumstances of her birth.
Tales of Dusk and Dawn (Sunrise) – Ace da Brain
Song playing in the background as lily tells damon how she truly feels

Episode 17 “A Bird in a Gilded Cage” s06e17
I Won’t Let You Down – OK Go
Caroline cleans up the bar when Enzo comes in.
Still Hurting (feat. Candice Accola) – Vampire Diaries Cast
Caroline tries out for the school musical ‘The Last Five Years’.
Black Widow – Cage the Elephant
Caroline drags Stefan’s body out of the dorm when she’s caught by a coed.
Hypnotic – Zella Day
Stefan & Caroline drink from the coed then have sex.
You’re Mine (The Chase) – Meiko
Elena & Damon kiss; Caroline & Stefan have sex; Elena & Damon make out when Bonnie comes in.
Life Is Good – Toy Bombs
Bonnie asks Kai about getting the 1903 prison ascendant.
Wonderful Waltz – The Morrie Morrison Orchestra
Lily puts a record on the gramophone while she tells Damon and Elena about her vampire friends; when Lily goes to fetch the last of the blood Elena finds the ascendant.

Episode 16 “The Downward Spiral” s06e16
Contagious – Night Riots
At a bar, Caroline convinces a bartender to give her another drink, then flirts with Liam before dragging off into hallway.
England Skies – Shake Shake Go
Enzo drinks tea as he watches Sarah photograph him then he disappears and reappears by her side and reintroduces himself then offers her tea.
Mind of a Beast – The Glitch Mob
Elena & Bonnie enter the rave party then split up to search for Caroline; Elena searches through the crowd and finds Caroline dancing with a guy and whispers she’s fine to Elena then dances away.
Skullclub – The Glitch Mob
Bonnie searches through the crowd for Caroline and encounters a guy who calls her hot then forcefully tries to dance with her so she uses her powers to burn him then walks off.
Who Needs Pain (feat. Jan Burton) – Super8 & Tab
Caroline complains to Stefan about how he & her friends don’t think she can keep from killing anyone; Stefan confesses his feelings for her & she walks away from him as she’s almost triggered.
Satisfy – Nero
Damon brings Kai to the rave; Kai apologizes to Bonnie then she threatens to melt his face off if she sees him again; Stefan tells Elena that he’s Caroline emotion trigger but she disappeared.
Third Day of a Seven Day Binge – Marilyn Manson
Caroline calls Stefan and informs him that Enzo knows about Sarah and warns him that she has plans for Sarah; Sarah walks into the bar and calls for Enzo as Caroline talks to Stefan.
Out of the Black – Royal Blood
Elena calls Stefan to tell him that he saved Sarah and learns that he has shut off his humanity.
Wild Child (feat. JJ) – Adrian Lux & Marcus Schössow
Stefan fills Elena in on what he found out about Liam, then convinces her that letting Caroline have her way isn’t a good idea.
Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman) – The Glitch Mob
Bonnie gets a call from Damon, then asks him how he adjusted when he returned from the prison world; Damon attempts to ask Bonnie to meet with Kai, but backs out after Bonnie reacts to Kai’s name.
Satisfy (Edm Euphoria Edit) – Nero
Damon bring Kai to the rave; Kai apologizes to Bonnie then she threatens to melt his face off if she sees him again; Stefan tells Elena that he’s Caroline emotion trigger but she disappeared.
Start Again – Israel Cannan
Sarah tries blackmailing Enzo into telling her about himself; (continues) Sarah fails to react when Enzo tells her he’s a vampire; Caroline invites Enzo to a Whitmore warehouse party.
No Frontiers (feat. Julie Thompson) – Super8 & Tab
Caroline finds Liam at the rave and asks him about his surgery skills.

Episode 15 “Let Her Go” s06e15
Let It Go – James Bay
Damon gives Caroline advice about the future days ahead of her; Caroline writes a list of things to do for the funeral then hands out the tasks for herself and her friends to do.
Go In Peace (feat. Candice Accola) – Vampire Diaries Cast
Caroline sings ‘Go In Peace’ for her mother at the funeral.
Shine – Night Terrors of 1927
Alaric proposes to Jo.
The Greatest Bastard – Damien Rice
Damon & Stefan at the bar; Caroline goes home, she savors her mother’s scent from her bathrobe then she begins cleaning up when she senses Elena.
Details – Sleeperstar
Caroline greets people at her mom’s wake; Matt tells Tyler about the Mystic Falls police training program, then gives him an application; Caroline tells Elena she wants to be alone, then leaves.
Fireflies – Lights & Motion
Damon finds Bonnie in the kitchen of the Salvatore house, they reunite; Stefan goes to tell Caroline his feelings when he finds Elena with a broken neck; Bonnie shows Damon a video of his mother.
Bullet (Vampire Redux) – Ryan Star
Liz’s funeral; Damon delivers Liz’s eulogy.

Episode 14 “Stay” s06e14
Lampshades On Fire – Modest Mouse
Damon & Elena talk to the high school principal about letting Jeremy graduate then Damon “helps” the process along by compelling him; Jeremy, Alaric & Matt do shots to celebrate when Enzo calls Matt.
Sweet Ophelia – Zella Day
Caroline is unpacking her mom’s books when Stefan comes in to ask her about liquor storage; Caroline begins to freak out about making her mom’s last moments precious and Stefan calms her down.
Yours – Ella Henderson
Stefan tells Caroline that the moments that made up her mom’s life are more important than how it will end, then informs her that he’s not helping her simply because Liz asked him to then they kiss.
Alive – Gabrielle Aplin
Liz & Damon talk; she thanks him for spending the day with her and asks him to write her eulogy; Liz falls asleep & Damon calls her name but she doesn’t respond; Caroline rushes to the hospital.
Colour me In – Damien Rice
Jeremy gets on the bus to Santa Fe; Stefan helps Caroline share Liz’s mind; Caroline & Liz mentally relive the day Liz taught Caroline to ride a bike; everyone gathers by Liz’s bedside as she dies.
Cold Coast – Secret Sun
Sarah shows Matt the pictures she took of the Mystic Grill but then they are interrupted when Enzo calls Matt.

Episode 13 “The Day I Tried To Live” s06e13
Check Yo Self – Ice Cube & Das EFX
Bonnie makes herself breakfast then wishes herself a happy birthday; Jeremy lifts weights when Elena arrives to the house with party supplies.
Keep Going – Rachael Yamagata
Bonnie cries while drinking, as Jeremy & Kai watch; Caroline & Stefan find Bonnie’s bear and they cry and hug.
Time – Mikky Ekko
End montage. Bonnie finds the map and drives off to Nova Scotia.

Episode 12 “Prayer For the Dying” s06e12
Happy Idiot – TV On The Radio
Elena rushes to gather her things for her shift at the clinic when Damon shows up for his shift to watch over Kai.
Always Take You Back – Night Terrors of 1927
Liz wakes up; Elena tells Damon she doesn’t want to waste another minute, they kiss.
I’ll Never Forget You – Birdy
Caroline eavesdrops as Liz asks Stefan to promise to take care of Caroline after she’s gone; Jo tells Damon that Luke did the merge with Kai and that it’s all his fault for letting Kai out.
Out of Sight Out of Mind – Matt White
Joshua ponders over the celestial alignment, then tells Luke & Liv how proud he is of them.
Running Wild – Moon Taxi
Liv & Luke try to convince their father that Jo is strong enough for the merge and to let her & Kai go through with it instead of the two of them.

Episode 11 “Woke Up With a Monster” s06e11
I’m Shakin’ – Jack White
Stefan wakes up and finds Jeremy making coffee in his underwear; Liv asks Stefan for a t-shirt; Stefan finds Jo practicing magic in the living room; Alaric arrives with groceries and alcohol.
The Other Side – French for Rabbits
Ric finds Jo; Caroline & Stefan watch joyful Colin eat snacks as Caroline tries to convince Stefan vampire blood is a cure for cancer; Damon takes wood splinters out Elena when Jo & Ric find them.
Don’t Go Now – Philip Selway
Caroline thanks Stefan for indulging and supporting her; Caroline convinces her mother to live and let cure her; Colin starts to cough up blood and begins dying; Liz drinks Caroline’s blood.
Waves That Rolled You Under – Young Summer
At a photography exhibit, Stefan & Caroline look at photographs when Caroline rushes to meet with an oncologist on campus; Stefan asks after Sarah.
Lost Track of Time – MTNS
At the exhibit, Enzo tells Stefan he followed him there to discover his secret; Stefan gets a call from Caroline asking him to come quickly to the hospital.

Episode 10 “Christmas Through Your Eyes” s06e10
25 Days of Christmastime – Caroline Brooks
Bonnie remember Christmas with her friends as she drags a tree across a parking lot; (Flashback 2007) At a decorating ceremony, Elena is hit by a snowball and turns to find a grinning Bonnie.
This Good Night Is Still Everywhere – Dustin Kensrue
At the bar, Damon wakes up to Elena staring at him, she then tells him she hasn’t found anything about the Ascendant, when she receives a call from Ric about a missing Jo.
Home for the Holiday – Sugar & The Hi Lows
Bonnie turns the lights on her Christmas tree on; (Flashback 2009) Sheriff Forbes talks at the Christmas decorating festival; Caroline complains about her present from Secret Santa Stefan.
My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It – Hank Williams
Enzo wakes up as Matt drives him over the border of Mystic Falls. They run into hazardous weather.
Winter Song – Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
Damon informs Elena about Kai and the magic barrier; Stefan tells Caroline about her mother; Bonnie & Jeremy stare at Chrismas trees; Bonnie burns her tree; Stefan surprises Damon w/ his restored car.
Blue Christmas – Dustin Kensrue
Jo calls Alaric to say she’ll be missing dinner with him.
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Charlotte Sometimes
Bonnie decorates her Christmas tree;(Flashback 2007) Caroline questions her mother about her father’s absence then goes to find Bonnie & Elena; Elena invites Bonnie to spend the holiday with her famil

Episode 09 “I Alone” s06e09
Mother & Father – BROODS
Rick & Jo have a date night, they talk about Jo’s family and she tells him about the Ascendant then they make out; Stefan comments to Damon about his compulsion of Alaric to get the Ascendant from Jo.
Dirty White Boots – Lenny Kravitz
Kai walks into the bar as Liv works behind the bar, he orders a soda.
Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms
In the ’94 world, Elena & Damon make pancakes together while they wait for Bonnie to arrive to Mystic Falls.
Stepping Stone – Fly Golden Eagle
As the bar die downs, Liv tells Kai she is going to close up early, then he orders an alcoholic drink and she demands to see his ID and takes notice of his identity.
Compass – Zella Day
Elena stops short at the front door and confesses to Damon that she’s sorry for compelling away her memories, they have a moment then they’re pulled out of the other dimension early.
Lost – Kris Allen
Alaric confronts Damon over compelling him; Alaric hits Damon; Damon & Elena commiserate together over their failure to free Bonnie; Bonnie arrives at the house only to find it empty, she breaks down.
Trick of the Light – Lonely the Brave
Kai rides to Mystic Falls in a taxi, he chatters away to the taxi driver.
Platoon – Jungle
Enzo listens in on Stefan’s conversation with Sarah.
The Woods – Israel Cannan
Enzo tries to convince Matt that it’s strange Stefan & Sarah have just gotten up and left the eatery.

Episode 08 “Fade Into You” s06e08
When I Get Older – Wild Party
Caroline helps Elena with her speech to tell Liam that she’s a vampire; Jo arrives and tells her about the boys impromptu trip; Elena calls Alaric who tells her about Bonnie’s possible survival.
Full Moon Song – Peter Bradley Adams
Tyler prepares food and Liv arrives; Jo meets Liv; Liam arrives with bottles of wine and apologizes to Elena for making accusations about her; Jo tells Elena she switched Lady Whitmore’s medical chart
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
Kai makes Bonnie Thanksgiving dinner, he tries to make conversation with her but she tells him she’ll never trust him and asks to leave which he agrees too if she stays for dinner.
Runaway Train – Soul Asylum
Bonnie complains to Kai about his stalling by eating slowly, then demands he hand over the car keys. Kai tells her his father imprisoned him.
When You Fall in Love – Andrew Ripp
Elena tells Damon she should have been with them in Portland, then Damon talks about his time with Bonnie; Elena admits that she broke up with Liam then asks Damon for help getting Bonnie back.

Episode 07 “Do You Remember the First Time?” s06e07
Belong – Cary Brothers
Elena & Damon dance together, he tries to jog her memory but she tells him she can’t then she leaves for air.
The Hardest Part – Nina Nesbitt
Elena & Damon stand at the edge of Mystic Falls, he tells her about last time she said ‘I love you’ to him but she still doesn’t remember.
Msk – Yellowcard
Elena arrives to the fundraiser with Liam; Jo lists all of Liam’s attributes for Damon; Damon introduces himself to Liam, then uses compulsion to send him away and then asks Elena to dance.
Budapest – George Ezra
Liv teaches Tyler how to properly pour champagne into glasses; Jo & Alaric arrive at the Whitmore event then Damon joins them.
How Long Do I Have To Wait For You? – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Damon drinks at the bar when Elena comes over and tells him that she wants to remember then asks him to take her to last spot where she told him she loved him.
Concrete Angel (acoustic) – Christina Novelli
Stefan asks Caroline about her feelings for him then he apologizes to her.
Another Love – Tom Odell
Damon drinks and pours some on Horatio Fell’s grave. He remembers what actually happened the night it rained under the stars.In the Salvatore crypt he finds Bonnie’s teddy bear and knows she is alive.
Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear
Alaric & Jo make a toast to being ‘powerless and ordinary’; Luke confronts Liv about their coven but she tells him to leave her alone.

Episode 06 “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get” s06e06
Why Don’t You Love Me – Hank Williams
As he drives back into Mystic Falls, Tripp turns on his trucks radio as Ivy and another vampire struggle to break their chains then begin to feel the effects of anti-magic.
I Don’t Wanna Be In Love – Dark Waves
Damon peers around Elena’s room then pours himself a drink when Jeremy shows up and questions him about Bonnie.
Last Summer – David Gray
Damon leaves a message on Bonnie’s phone, then he gets a call from Elena who suggests he drop by her dorm.
Last Night of Summer – The Garden District
At a bar, Damon tells Stefan that he wants Elena to be miserable along with him, Stefan then tells him to go to her.
Unbreakable – Jamie Scott
Stefan spots Caroline and goes to talk to her, she tells him she doesn’t want to be friends anymore; Elena goes through her memory box of Damon when he knocks at her door, she opens it.
Lucille – John the Conqueror
Alaric finds Damon waiting for him, then Damon confronts him about his compulsion memory block he placed on Elena.

Episode 05 “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” s06e05
Sun Goes Out – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
Elena & Liam walk through the corn maze and talk about Damon; Jo & Alaric bump into each other & figure out that they’ve been set up by Elena, then Jo suggest they leave the party.
Move Up – The TVC
Stefan brings Ivy to Caroline’s place and asks for her teach Ivy the ropes of being in control as a new vampire.
Wasted (feat. Matthew Koma) – Tiësto
The Whitmore homecoming party starts; Liam brings Elena a drink.
Wait – M83
Tyler tries to talk to Liv about the guy she killed for him, then thanks for saving him; Stefan talks to the Salvatore crypt as Damon returns which surprises him, they hug.
Follow Me – Jessarae
While driving, Tyler checks his phone, then swerves as a guy runs out into the road.

Episode 04 “Black Hole Sun” s06e04
Black Is the Color – Lucette
Stefan tells Elena it is weird to hear her refer to Damon as just his brother; she asks what he means by that and Stefan says he doesn’t even know then they clink beer bottles
Harlem – Cathedrals
Elena is at the garage with Stefan talking about his brother & how she can create a new identity.
Wild Ones – Jessarae
Kai sticks his hand in a jar of something and crams it in his mouth; flashback Damon standing in the doorway at the Salvatore mansion
Fell On Black Days – Soundgarden
Flashback May 8, 1994 – Damon and Stefan standing in the driveway talking and Uncle Zach walks up with a bag of groceries
100 Days, 100 Nights – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Stefan and Elena say goodbye to each other; Stefan picks a fight with a guy who didn’t celebrate Stefan and Elena’s “engagement” because Stefan killed the guy’s brother.
The Power of Love – Gabrielle Aplin
Sarah shows a picture of her parents to Jeremy & he tells her that her father is Zach Salvatore; Elena confronts Alaric about Damon & she reads a part of her diary.

Episode 03 “Welcome to Paradise” s06e03
Say Anything – Ashley Nite
Caroline tries to convince Stefan to stay, but he leaves; Elena comforts her as she cries.
Figure It Out – Royal Blood
Beginning of the episode: Stefan is working at the mechanics and asks his boss for a few days off; He compels him to bury his girlfriend and to give him a raise.
The Sign – Ace of Base
Damon & Bonnie are at the supermarket when she notices pork rinds missing and a carousel running.
Bad Habit – The Kooks
Elena, Liam & Stefan arrive at the beach for the party.
Supersonic (feat. Sean Kingston) – Vava Voom
Elena catches Jeremy making out with Sarah; Jay picks a fight with Tyler.
I Swear – All-4-One
Damon goes to the liquor store and finds Kyle eating pork rinds Damon drinks some bourbon that kyle laced with vervain.
Something to Believe – Cartel
Run – The Maine

Episode 02 “Yellow Ledbetter” s06e02
Salvation – Gabrielle Aplin
Stefan finds his bed buddy in his kitchen making breakfast for him; Stefan is rude and then offers to make her dinner as a consolation; Elena packs up her Damon reminders.
Whatta Man – Salt-N-Pepa
Damon so happily dancing while spatulas and pancakes are flapping around.
Connected – Stereo MC’s
Damon and more pancakes and more arguing with Bonnie.
All Through the Night – Sleeping at Last
Elena finally telling Alaric the exact moment she fell in love with Damon.
Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.
End of the episode: Matt finds out about Tripp Fell; Damon and Bonnie realize someone else completed her crossword puzzle.
Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong – Spin Doctors
Damon switches CDs in the player; then hands Bonnie pancakes and the newspaper crossword puzzle. They realize they are reliving the same day.
Hello Goodbye – Israel Cannan
In the diner, Caroline confronts Alaric about no one hunting for Bonnie and Damon.
I Got Something For You – Tim Murdock
In a hotel, Enzo kisses the coat check girl and gets information on a coven who found a way to communicate with the Other Side. They are interrupted when Caroline clears her throat behind them..
Now You Know – The TVC
Stefan is chopping veggies at vampire speed, takes a sip of blood then Ivy arrives who said she ran into some of his friends; Enzo and Caroline walk in.
All The Glitter’s Gone – Romans
Caroline is questioning Stefan about how he met Ivy. Enzo is snickering and tells Ivy she has a lovely clavicle then asks her if she believes in the supernatural..

Episode 01 “I’ll Remember” s06e01
Penny – Maudlin Strangers
Beginning of the episode: A couple is making out while camping.
From the Wreckage Build a Home – The Wind and The Wave
Elena reads from her diary & declares her major.
Doses & Mimosas – Cherub
Elena & Damon are in the car driving; Tyler bumps into Alaric.
Young Chasers – Circa Waves
Alaric fills a flask with blood & bumos into Elena’s professor at the party.
Light a Fire – Rachel Taylor
Elena tries to finally say goodbye to Damon.
Hunger of the Pine – Alt-J
Caroline calls Stefan to tell him that she’s not giving up.
Shine – Collective Soul
End of the episode: Damon makes breakfast for him and Bonnie.
Just One of the Guys – Jenny Lewis
Caroline consults Alaric for details on the anti-magic force field, then they discuss Stefan’s silence.
Sorry – Clooney
Bite Back Promo song
It’s Over – Clooney
Move On Promo song

Vampire Diaries Songs, by episode


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